O Θεοδωρακάκος 1ος στο London Royal Parks Ultra!


O Δημήτρης Θεοδωρακάκος τερμάτησε 1ος στο London Royal Parks Ultra με χρόνο 3:25:19.


 Aside from our great domestic event the Salomon Kielder Marathon this weekend where Salomon Trail Team UK member Angela Mudge won the women’s race and broke the course record by 6 mins, and in the hills of Scotland where Tom Owens returned to the purity of hill racing to convincingly win the great Scottish hill race at Ben Venue, the UK also hosted some of the Salomon international runners from the city of London to the mountains of the Lake District. 

 Dimitris and Silvia ran and won in the first ever London Royal Parks Ultra and we think that this 50k ‘door to trail’ race in the heart of London is the only long distance race outside of the London Marathon that gains such extensive access to these parts of London – it will become bigger and better in coming years, we are sure of that. 

 Japan‘s Yujiro Iida also won the Puma Lakeland Trail Coniston Trail Race in the Lake District (near to the areas where Ricky Lightfoot helps develop the Fell Cross!) after traveling in especially for this event.



 Matt Ward

O Θεοδωρακάκος 1ος στο London Royal Parks Ultra!